Welcome to Culturhub
Welcome to Culturhub
Welcome to Culturhub

CULTURHUB is an open digital forum and community platform, which connects culture professionals and organizations to share their expertise and resources. It is also an access point to reach out for curated Finnish partners: when you need a collaborator or a venue for your project, we have the network and insight to direct you to the best partner for any of your needs.

One of the main functions of the CULTURHUB is our collaborative online residency for culture professionals and organizations. This residency acts as a think tank and incubator for exploring future forms of co-production and collaboration. Our mission is to help organizations navigate the digital possibilities and explore available technological solutions together to serve the culture ecosystem.

CULTURHUB is part of Digital Art House Turku and funded by NextGen EU.

OPEN CALL to join the CULTURHUB community future! We welcome proposals culture professionals and organization partners to join the community as partners. Additionally, some of the partners are curated to join the co-development of the entire platform from the ground up towards a non-hierarchical working model through a digital residency.

All the partners will gain early access to follow and explore Art House Turku’s forthcoming Virtual Art House development already when the platform goes to beta-phase. (Virtual Art House launching public in metaverse 2025). Virtual Art House aims to feature several venues for digital and virtual productions and ability to expand and customise the virtual spaces for needs of the CULTURHUB community. Additionally, CULTURHUB will host minimum of three seminars/workshops for all partners during the autumn 2024 (free of charge).

Let’s start co-developing the future – together!

Apply to join the community by filling the application form.